Rules and Regulations

Policies & Procedures

  1. The Annual General Meeting will take place in March. Members will be notified of the meeting and meeting location 30 days prior. It is at this meeting that the budget is presented to the membership
  2. Regular Board meetings (quorum is greater than 50% of the elected CBIA Board) are to be held at the Clocktower Building on the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:30 pm. Meeting to close by 8 pm unless otherwise stated. Members will be notified Monday of the week of the meeting with the agenda package.
  3. Committees chose their own meeting time and place
  4. Board members are required to attend and actively participate in monthly board and committee meetings.
  5. Missing three consecutive meetings without permission from the BIA Board allows expulsion from the Board. A motion from the Board is required to expel members who fail to meet attendance expectations.
  6. Board members are to notify the Secretary in advance of meetings if they are unable to attend, as well as when they are unable to perform their commitments.
  7. It will be the decision of the President or Chair, to cancel meetings if quorum is not met.
  8. No by-law, motion or activity of the BIA may conflict with the rules & regulations under the Municipal Act, for which the BIA has been created.


  1. Board is elected by the membership every term of Council.
  2. Board has to be approved by Municipal Council.
  3. There will be a minimum of five and a maximum of nine board members.
  4. One Board seat is reserved for a member of the municipality.
  5. Vacancies between elections are filled for the remaining term from nominations by Board members and then approved by municipal council.
  6. Past President is the Chair of the nominating committee and is responsible for developing a slate of candidates for elections and vacancies between elections.


  1. The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Past President and Treasurer.
  2. The Executive Committee may not override previous board decisions or make changes to the budget.
  3. Executive members are expected to meet as needed.

Positions of Office


  1. Opens the meeting at the appointed time by taking the chair and calling the members to order, announces the business before the group in the order in which it is to be acted upon, states and puts to a vote all questions which are regularly moved or necessarily arise in the course of proceedings and to announce the results of the vote.
  2. Enforces on all occasions, the observance of order among the members.
  3. Develops agendas for meetings with the Secretary.
  4. Leads the search and selection committee for hiring staff.
  5. Authenticates, by their signature when necessary, all the acts, orders, and proceedings of the organization.
  6. Recommends to the Board which committees are to be established, seeks volunteers for committees and coordinates individual board members assignments


  1. Shall assume the duties of the President when the President is absent.

Past President

  1. Ensures continuity in the organization and provides a corporate memory to the Board.
  2. Chairs meetings in absence of the President and Vice-President
  3. Heads the nomination Committee for board and committee recruitment


  1. This is a Part-Time Contract position.
  2. The Secretary is required to attend monthly Board meetings, record and report the proceedings, perform duties as assigned.
  3. The Secretary is required to attend committee meetings as assigned by Board of Management.
  4. The Secretary is responsible for the secretarial work of the board, including correspondence, legal documentation, preparation of monthly general meeting agendas (in collaboration with President) making arrangements for the board meetings, including giving the required notice to members, the provision of data for decision making, and preparation of correspondence and minutes resulting from Board meetings. Maintains custody of minute books, documents, contracts, agreements, and all other official records of the BIA.
  5. Receives correspondence (Mail, Email, telephone) addressed to the Board and takes all necessary action in a timely manner.
  6. Serves as a communication link between the Board of Management and BIA members
  7. Provide Board of Management with regular updates regarding work with committees, members, other associated organizations and any other special assignments.
  8. Maintains a ongoing liaison with Treasurer regarding day-to-day administration, special projects and the submission of time sheets.
  9. The chain of command is through the…
    • BIA President
    • BIA Executive Board (requires a motion)
    • BIA Board of Managers (requires a motion)
    • Chair of a Committee (only if the BIA Board has assigned the Secretary to this Committee)
  10. Responsible for maintaining and updating the BIA Map, Newsletter and Website in co-operation with committee and sub-committee members if assigned.
  11. Minutes of each Campbellford BIA Board meeting once approved and signed by the recording Secretary and the President are to keep on hand, with one copy for the records of the CBIA and one copy to be sent to the Municipal Office.
  12. Regarding the minutes where there is no quorum, record the meeting as a general discussion around the topics and issues with no motions.
  13. Other duties as assigned.

Treasurer/Financial Officer

  1. The Treasurer is the primary financial authority for the Board including payment requests and audited statements.
  2. It is his/her duty to record all transactions, (category and sub-category) by the “board” and its’ committees, being careful to secure a receipt for each payment & invoice, and having the documents preserved in a regular order, available for examination.
  3. Responsible for reporting financial information to the board including monthly financial reports, audited statements and annual budget.
  4. Chairs the Finance Committee that prepares the annual budget.
  5. Liaisons with municipal financial staff on financial matters (i.e. the levy)
  6. Responsible for BIA Bucks

Municipal Council Representative

  1. It is required under the by-laws of the Municipal Act 2001 that One Municipal Representative sits on the BIA Board
  2. Their function is to bring information to Municipal Council of the activities of the Board and to inform the BIA Board of the activities of the Municipal Council.


  1. Support and further the mandate of the BIA, represent the BIA by bringing forward relevant issues, vote responsibly, review and understand the issues facing the BIA through discussion, study supporting documentation, show solidarity with the BIA, advocate on behalf of the BIA with the external community- especially with politicians as business leaders in the community


  1. Each committee is assigned a Budget at the commencement of each year and is expected to maintain this Budget limitation. If a Committee requires extra finances, Board approval is required.

Current Committees

  1. Executive Committee… will look after the routine & emergency items that arise from time to time between the regular Board meetings that cannot or should not wait for the next regular Board meeting.
  2. Finance Committee… will set the Budget & monitor its’ progress for the Board of Managers and it’s Committees. To be aware of Private, Municipal, Provincial or Federal grants & programs that may arise from time to time and report to the Board of such findings.
  3. Ad & Promotions Committee… will work to promote the BIA, its members and events through promotional media. With one ad copy going to the Trent Hills Chamber each year for their annual promotional guide, be responsible for the coordination of the BIA Christmas program which includes the annual BIA Christmas Movie and promote any other deemed worthy event for the good of the town.
  4. Streetscape Committee… shall look after the beautification and enhancement of the downtown CBIA area. Be aware, monitor and assist with the street flowers, trees, planters and corner garden lot. Enhance the attractiveness of the downtown area via sufficient park benches, adequate garbage cans, bicycle racks or other such projects.
  5. Miscellaneous Committee