About Us

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The Campbellford Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a non-profit society whose mandate is to assist in the revitalization and promotion of the downtown area.

Campbellford BIA Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Campbellford Business Improvement Area is to promote downtown Campbellford as the preferred place to work, shop, do business, live, visit and enjoy.

Campbellford BIA Goals

As a self-help organization funded by downtown property owners and businesses, the goals of the Campbellford Business Improvement Area are:

  • Continue to promote downtown Campbellford through special events, attractions, promotions and marketing initiatives. Continue to utilize the Trent River and our Town’s history as a focus for increasing the number of people, activity and development to the downtown area.
  • Continue to work with downtown business and property owners, the Town, the Police Department and social groups to make downtown Campbellford a safe and vibrant place to work, visit, live and shop.
  • Assist with the recruitment and attraction of new businesses and development to the downtown; and assist with the retention of the existing businesses.
  • Continue to encourage and facilitate pro-active planning, adequate zoning and design guidelines for new and existing development in the downtown and to promote mobility, safety and beautification.
  • Be pro-active in Community Economic Development with representation on the Town’s Economic Development Committee.
  • Provide leadership and communicate matters of concern to our members, to government officials and to the public.

What is a Business Improvement Area?

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an Association of business people within a specified district who join together, with the official approval of the Town, in a self-help program aimed at stimulating local business.

BIA’s use their own money in an ongoing effort to draw more prospective customers to their area by improving the attractiveness of the area and promoting it as a good place to shop, visit and do business.

A Map of the Campbellford Business Improvement Area

Once a BIA is approved by Council, every business within its boundaries automatically becomes a member. There are no exceptions, under the principle that all who benefit should be required to share in the cost of the program.

Why are BIAs important to the Community?

Active and effective BIA’s benefit not only the business community, but the surrounding neighborhood and the Municipality as well.

They serve as an economic and social anchor for the surrounding neighborhood and help to stabilize and add vitality to the local community.

How Does a BIA Operate?

Each BIA is administered by a volunteer Board of Management, made up of members of that BIA who are elected by their fellow BIA members and approved by Municipal Council. A Municipal Representative also serves as a member of the Board.

For a list of Rules and Regulations, please visit our Rules and Regulations Page.

For a list of officers and directors, please visit our Contact Page.